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2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition "first show"

2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition "first show"

Higher specification, larger scale, stronger lineup and more international style

The Organizing Committee of the 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition held the world's first press conference in Bangalore, India, and announced that the exhibition will be held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 19 to 22, 2021.

Sadan sahdeva, President of India Construction Machinery Leasing Industry Association, Dr. manjunnasa, President of India Concrete Association, megrell, President of India high altitude working platform Leasing Association, and ferodi, President of India NBM media group attended. More than 50 manufacturers, contractors and distributors from the engineering sector in India, as well as the NBM group, the largest media in the engineering sector in India, EPC & I, the second largest professional media in India, and more than a dozen media representatives from India witnessed the event.

At the same time held in Bangalore, India, the Organizing Committee of Changsha international construction machinery exhibition reached strategic cooperation with five well-known Indian associations and mainstream media. At that time, a group of Indian enterprises and no less than 1500 professional buyers will be organized to visit the 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition.

ChangSha DTH Drill Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. participated in this exhibition, and exhibited DTH Hammer,DTH bit,Thread button Bits,Taper button bit,Reverse Circulation Hammers&Bits,Casing System,adapter, DTH tools,etc.on-site obtained from foreign orders, and to the global customers to better introduce the company and products


Bigger scale!

The exhibition area has exceeded 250000 ㎡, and the number of exhibitors has exceeded 1500

The first exhibition of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition this year was unveiled, which made the world amazing. The theme of the 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition is still "intelligent new generation construction machinery", with a larger scale. The exhibition area will exceed 250000 square meters, 8 indoor pavilions and 5 outdoor exhibition areas will be set up; the number of exhibitors will exceed 1500, including more than 30 of the top 50 global construction machinery enterprises, and the number and quality of exhibitors will exceed the first time.
In addition, the 2021 Changsha international construction machinery exhibition area is more optimized, including concrete machinery, crane machinery, construction machinery, earth moving machinery, shoveling machinery, pavement machinery, marine machinery, engineering vehicles, tunnel engineering machinery, piling machinery, logistics machinery, aerial vehicles, mining machinery, underground engineering equipment, municipal engineering equipment, and engineering machinery supporting facilities There are 17 special areas, such as financial services.


Higher specifications!

Gather 4 competitive performances, 28 international forums and 100 business summits

There are more activities in the same period of this exhibition, and the comprehensive effect is further enlarged. At that time, 28 international forums will be held, including the international high-end manufacturing industry forum, the international construction machinery industry chain development forum, the dialogue - the man of the world in the construction machinery industry, the construction machinery post market thousand people summit, the international construction machinery CTO summit, the international new product and new Technology Conference of construction machinery, and the international construction machinery talent exchange conference.

The exhibition will set up four major competitive events, i.e. international competitive exhibition of intelligent equipment of construction machinery, field operation competition of construction machinery and equipment, international design competition of construction machinery, and international lifting competition of construction machinery and automobile, to make the competitive exhibition a unique label in the global construction machinery exhibition.
At the same time, international construction machinery manufacturers, distributors, leasing service providers, financial service providers, etc. held 100 series of business activities, such as Asia International Construction Machinery second-hand equipment trade conference, international construction machinery host enterprise procurement docking conference, etc.


Better lineup!

More than 200000 professional visitors and a network of buyers in 100 countries

In 2021, the professional visitors of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will invite 200000 guests, professional visitors and professional buyers, including 50000 overseas professional visitors.

The Organizing Committee of the exhibition will establish close cooperation channels with more than 100 national construction, engineering contractors and associations, plan to hold sub exhibitions in Southeast Asia and Africa, build an international buyer network in 100 countries, and promote international exchanges and business cooperation.

"International style" is more sufficient!

Launch the global promotion conference of ten countries and expand the "circle of friends"

In 2021, Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition has set up a road map of promotion meeting covering the world's leading countries and regions of construction machinery. The Organizing Committee of the exhibition will hold promotion meetings and press conferences in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chile, the United States, Japan, Nigeria, Italy, Russia and other countries, and organize and invite high-quality buyers and buyers from the whole global industry chain to participate in the exhibition View.

The Organizing Committee of the exhibition will cooperate with more than 50 domestic chambers of Commerce, including China Federation of machinery industry, China engineering machinery society, China Construction Enterprise Management Association, China Construction Industry Association, China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, China Chamber of Commerce for foreign contracting engineering, etc., and invite leaders from all over the world in the upstream and downstream of the construction machinery industry chain, such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, water conservancy, construction, etc Domain's well-known enterprises and industry tycoons came to attend the exhibition.